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Wed Nov 3 07:30:04 MST 1999

Ah yes, another characteristic of the IS/ISO. Any criticism of the IS tendency is, by
definition, sectarian.


"Dart, Jon J [CES]" wrote:

> Having recently joined the list I was hoping for some interesting and
>'controversial' postings.
> However the recent diet of self-indulging together with the outright sectarianism
>does leave a bad taste.
> The commentators so far fail to include any kind of contribution as to what they
>doing to build the broad left. Surely if people can agree on the ends, then a
>comradely attitude, despite disagreements with others, should be maintained.
> As a comrade (not a member of the ISO) recently said "It is discreditable and
>foolish to attack people in a broad-brush way for 'style'. It hides what's really at
>stake. Too often, people use this kind of criticism as an alibi for doing nothing".
> Hoping your sectarianism doesn't depress you too much  - it does me.

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