Abolishing HUAC: Monthly Review replies

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Thu Nov 4 13:07:47 MST 1999

Coleman Young, a worker from Black Bottom Detroit, singlehandedly chased the HUAC
committee out of town and it never came back. He couldn't get a job for years after
that. He was a shithouse lawyer in the army.


>>> <Apsken at aol.com> 10/29/99 08:05PM >>>
    This just in, so Paul Buhle's tame and respectable, legalistic version of
HUAC's demise will get no rebuttal. This is not the same journal as the one
that published Leo Huberman's "How to Spread the Word." What a shame.
Ken Lawrence

Dear Ken,

Thank you for submitting your response to the Buhle piece to Monthly Review.
We are, unfortunately, committed to publishing a tremendous backlog of
material at this time and consequently unable to use your piece.

Thank you again for thinking of Monthly Review.  We hope that you will remain
in touch.

Vicki Larson
Assistant Editor

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