Developments in Colombia (was Brazilian gore)

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Tue Nov 2 00:18:46 MST 1999

George Pennenfather:"The lanf question cannot be solved in a
bourgeois-democratic context".
Otherwise: Bourgeois-democratic ambience in Latin America is so
unstable, capital accumulation so anti-social, the border line between
legal and illegal means so thin (the reason why I translated all those
appaling Brazilian recent episodes, at a time when Brazil is not exactly
making headlines) that the FARC and ELN have been forced, by the
dynamics of things, to resort to revolutionary means in order to achieve
reformist aims. That, IMHO, makes so far the question of the
revolutionary character of the Colombian peasant movement an academic
one. BTW, the Brazilian army has yesterday sent a whole rapid deployment
force from Rio de Janeiro to the Colombian border to deny both the
rebels and the Colombian army access to a landing lane that had been
used by the Colombian AF as a supporting point for dislodging the
guerrilas from a small Colombian city nearby.

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