London Times: Robin Cook cooked the numbers for propaganda?

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> >The Sunday Times
> >October 31 1999
> >Cook accused of misleading public on Kosovo massacres Nicholas Rufford
> >
> >ROBIN COOK, the foreign secretary, is under pressure to answer claims
> >ministers misled the public over the scale of deaths amongcivilians in
> >Kosovo to justify the Nato bombing of Belgrade. The all-party Balkans
> >committee of MPs will ask the Foreign Office this week
> >to comment on reports that the number of bodies of victims of Serbian
> >cleansing is lower than the figures of dead issued during the conflict.
> >
> >At the height of the war, western officials spoke of a death toll ashigh
> >100,000. President Bill Clinton said the Nato campaign had prevented
> >"deliberate, systematic efforts at ethnic cleansing and
> >genocide". Geoff Hoon, then a Foreign Office minister and now the defence
> >secretary, later scaled down the estimates. "It appears that about 10,000
> >people have been killed in more than 100 massacres," he said.
> >
> >The most outspoken challenge to these figures has come from Emilio Perez
> >Pujol, a pathologist who led the Spanish team looking for bodies in the
> >aftermath of the fighting. He said: "I calculate that the final figureof
> >dead in Kosovo will be 2,500 at the most. This includes lots of strange
> >deaths that can't be blamed on anyone in particular." Perez Pujol said
> >numbers of dead werefar lower than the 44,000 he had been warned of, and
> >were in mass graves. He said his team had
> >arrived in Kosovo expecting to perform 2,000 post-mortem examinations
> >to work to the end of November. "On September 12 I called my people
> >and said: 'We have finished here.' I informed my government and
> >told them of the real situation. We had found a total of 187 bodies. Four
> >five had died from natural causes."
> >
> >United Nations officials have begun taking stock of the death toll this
> >weekend after the exhumation of corpses stopped for the winter. The UN is
> >expected to report next month that the total number of victims so far
> >uncovered is fewer than 2,000. Many were executed, but some died during
> >fighting and others died in allied bombing. There is still no clear
> >however. Some of the forensic teams sent by 15 different countries say
> >have discovered fewer bodies than they anticipated.
> >Others say there is more work to do and believe the death toll will rise.
> >
> >The US State Department claimed this weekend that about 1,400 bodies have
> >been recovered from about 20% of suspected massacre sites. There are
> >500 suspected sites and priority has been given to those that were
> >to contain the most bodies.
> >
> >The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia reported
> >earlier this month that the notorious Trepca mines in Kosovo, where 700
> >ethnic Albanian bodies were reportedly hidden, contained none.
> >
> >The largest number of bodies has been recovered by British teams of
> >officers, pathologists and forensic scientists in the area where the
> >mass killings reportedly occurred. They found 505 bodies, some in mass
> >graves and many of them women and children. Detective Chief
> >John Bunn, who led the British investigation group, said his teams had
> >completed work at most of the sites around Prizren and
> >Velakrusa, where some of the worst atrocities were said to have occurred.
> >said he had found graves containing as many as 77 bodies together of
> >executed at close range.
> >

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