bourgeoise democracy?

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>Can someone explain what is meant by "bourgeoise democracy"---I see this term
>flying around a lot.  If possible can you explain it in reference to Marx's
>critique of the French Constitution?[are they related?](a critique I have a
>hard time following because my history of the French Revolution is weak)

Here one schema:

Principally the path goes very roughly this way:

Tribe communities
Feudal democracy
Bourgeoise democracy
Socialist democracy

In the stage of bourgeoise democracy the formation of state is built roughly
on the basis of Montesquieu´s ideas, parliamentarism or the systems alike.

We might say that the borderline between bourgeois democracy and socialist
democracy are the forms of representing systems and the ownership of means
of production.

In our time the  bourgeois parliaments and the corresponding elections have
lost their power and meaning. The systems are ruining.

The  history of ownership of production has now gone backwards to
privatizations. Yet this drive back is apparently slowing down...

The owners and the bourgeois ruling class and their governments do what
they want and ignore parliaments.

A developed socialism will be  based on a pyramide of soviets. Yet
especially in smaller communities also socialist parlimentarisms are

In the principal path of social revolutions there are exceptions.

As said, all this is forms only a very rough figure...

More on the topic in the  large amount of literature beginning from France...
Marx made the basis. Lenin developed organizational ideas further.

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