Electronic archives for Marxism mailing list now available

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Mon Nov 1 09:24:35 MST 1999

I have implemented a Mhonarc-based archiving facility for the Marxism
mailing list. It is a feature so labeled on the home page of the list,
beneath my signature below. The archives are searchable through Swish as
well, a free search engine from U. Cal Berkeley that thank god has no
advertising. You can also bypass the homepage and go directly to the
archives header page at:


I want to thank 3 people for making the task easier. One is Simeon Nevel,
whose Mhonarc resource files and a simple explanation of how to use them
was indispensable. (http://www.sonic.net/~snevel/mhonarc.html). The next is
Malgosia Askanas, a Panix consultant who helped me quickly get over the
learning curve of using .procmail, which feeds Mhonarc. The third is Les
Schaffer, who lurks on a number of progressive mailing lists, and who is
working with me to feed messages into proper month-based directories. This
is trickier than it sounds because many of our subscribers have the
temerity to live in Australia and New Zealand, which causes their messages
to hit the system with a date later than the run date of the Unix system
hosting the mailing list.

Louis Proyect

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