A complaint to the Nation about Colombia coverage

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Mon Nov 1 06:40:37 MST 1999

>Louis Proyect wrote:
>> Los Angeles
>> In "Colombia’s Best Hope" [Sept. 6/13], Ana Carrigan tends to bolster the
>> [SNIP}
>> ABC News Closeup, "The Cocaine Cartel"
>> Louis Proyect
>Lou, Is this by you or Stephen Fleischman, and if by him, who is he?
>P.S. Am I correct in assuming that Carrigan is writing in the Nation?
>And who is Carrigan?

Don't know anything about Fleischman except that he is a producer for
imperialist television station. When these sorts of people can outflank the
Nation Magazine from the left, something is wrong. Carrigan is the author
of a book on the misadventure of the M19 movement, when it took over the
Palace of Justice in the 1980s, and was destroyed in a brutal raid by the
Colombian army. She has been writing some truly wretched stuff on Colombia
for the Nation for a while now.

Louis Proyect

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