Brazilian gore - to George P.

George Pennefather poseidon at
Mon Nov 1 09:20:05 MST 1999

Carlos: As far as I can gather, George P's opposition to recognizing Colombian
rebels' revolutonary character rests on the fact that FARC's and ELN's
demands (land redistribution mainly) would be of a nature to allow these
to be solved within the framework of the bourgeois-democratic state.
Well, as Philip Ferguson, among others, has pointed, imperialist policy
in the 3rd World has been a lot concerned with substituting stable
liberal-bourgeois democracies for outright military dictatorships;
however, what precisely is the political modus _modus operandi_ of such
bourgeois-democratic states? In Brazil, undeniably such a stable
democracy has been existing since 1985; however...

George: No. I say the very opposite. The land question cannot be solved within a
democratic context. It is precisely FARC's belief that it can be solved within such a
context that means that FARC is  not revolutionary in character. FARC declare "no more
large landowners" as if this is possible under capitalism.

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George Pennefather

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