New Metropoles 2

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Nov 9 23:29:28 MST 1999

Doyle Saylor wrote:

> Having said that what I had in mind Brian, was a when I listen to digital
> CD's and I am slightly hard of hearing I find speech is much harder for me
> to distinguish on CD's than on analog records.

Doyle, your arguments are askew to Jose's arguments. It is irrelevant
to his point, re the buoyancy of the economy at this time, whether that
economy is producing good things or bad things. The point is that the
things it is producing are selling. In this connection a point made by
the authors of *Word 97 Annoyances* is interesting. The authors
like Word but find innumerable annoyances in it, and the book is
devoted to suggesting ways to get around these annoyances. Now
I can't find the passage and have to summarize it from memory. They
say that certain Word features must be dictated by the marketing
department at Microsoft, because while they *reduce* the usefulness
of the program in practice they *sound* good in a list of features.

Note that this, if true, supports *both* your position and Jose's. It
supports your argument in reference to *use* values -- but use values
are irrelevant to the argument about the economy, which deals only
in exchange values. Microsoft damages its product and (in the present
state of the economy) this results in its selling more of the product.
So whether CDs are poorer than lps or not is quite irrelevant. They
do increase the productivity of the radio stations, etc. and hence
contribute to the present boom.

(I'm not an economist, and I can't judge Jose's argument. I just want
to point out what kinds or argument are relevant and what not.)


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