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       Cuba is planning to send Fidel to Seattle to address (and no doubt
pillory) the World Trade Organization conference.
   If he actually makes it there (no guarantees with anybody who's a head of
state - or with U.S. government allowances) he will also give an opening
address to the National Network on Cuba's national conference. (Utterly
unimpeachable sources tell me that the U.S. Secret Service [assigned
responsibility for visting heads-of-state's security] is already checking out
the NNOC meeting site, deciding whether or not it's acceptable.)
   There are a maximum of 1800 invitations available to the NNOC event with
Fidel.  Invitations go first to registrants for the NNOC conference.

   The NNOC conference occurs at an especially time--and opportunity--for
supporters of the Cuban revolution.  Washington's relentlessly hostile policy
is entirely bereft of international support (recently registered in the
latest vote against the U.S. embargo in the U.N. which saw the whole world,
save U.S. and Israel, voting against it).
   Additionally, profit-starved U.S. corporations (like
Archer-Daniels-Midland [ADM] and Caterpillar) are rammy to penetrate the
untapped Cuban market (and more than a little angered and jealous by
competitors from other countries' ability to do business there).
   Fueled by the obvious fact that the embargo / blockade has utterly failed
to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, these forces are advocating opening
relations with Cuba.
   Illinois governor George Ryan's recent visit to Cuba was an expression of
   Of course the capitalists who own ADM and Caterpillar remain profound
opponents of the Cuan Revolution.  Their wing -- like Washington's "second
track" stragety of subverting the Revolution with buckets of dollars for a
selected few -- fervently seek not only short-term profits, but the big bucks
to be won when the Revolution is overthrown and all the island's assets are
back in U.S. hands.
Still, the split inside the U.S. ruling class over how best to overthrow
the Cuban Revolution ("engagement" vs. strangulation by "embargo") opens a
big opportunity for workers and farmers to demand normalization of U.S./Cuban
relations -- travel and trade without restrictions, plus recognition of
Cuba's government by workers and farmers, i.e. their revolution.

   Whether or not you want to welcome and come hear Fidel in a rare U.S.
appearance, you should sign up and attend the NNOC conference.

Socialismo o muerte,

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