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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #384
                             November 10, 1999
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week:

intended to strengthen measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has
concluded fruitlessly, due largely to deliberate sabotage by the Australian
and a few other governments. At the same time, Australia has become the
world's worst greenhouse gas polluter.


 * International greenhouse conference gets serious about


 * Olympic stadium safety in doubt
 * Indonesia, 1965: Communist plot or military coup d'etat?


 * Zimbabwean riot police tear-gas students
 * Picking up the pieces in East Timor
 * Grave challenges ahead for Indian left
 * Left leads in Uruguay election
 * Indonesia: Not just agitating, organising
 * Indonesian union refused legal status
 * Thailand cracks down on Burmese dissidents
 * Who are Pakistan's new rulers?
 * Round-ups of gay men begin in Uganda
 * The criminal element
 * Seed industry giants: who owns whom?
 * Seed industry top 10
 * Agrochemical companies top 10


 * Challenging military rule in Aceh
 * Bankstown student occupation: Day 10
 * Labor gains in UTS elections
 * Another one bites the dust
 * Autonomous Marxism -- DIY revolution
 * Nothing `perfect' about sexism
 * Downer picketed
 * Timorese to hunger strike against early deportation
 * Kosovars removed from Tasmania


 * CPSU members reject smear campaign
 * Management digs in at Melbourne Uni
 * Jabiluka faces another obstacle
 * Proportional representation `the best system'
 * News briefs
 * Chemical weapons used in private prisons
 * Cops attack Reclaim the Streets action
 * Ticket machines used to spy on workers
 * Survey reveals strong anti-nuclear sentiment
 * Stay away from electricity poles!
 * Bank profits built on job cuts
 * Patrick sacks MUA militant
 * Pilger endorses inquiry into Australia's wrong policy on East Timor
 * Canberra coroner finds `systemic' failings
 * Labor Council secretary to resign
 * ASIET plans solidarity in Adelaide
 * Hindmarsh Island developers lose appeal


 * Working overtime (counting the money)
 * Timorese: don't outlaw union solidarity
 * The Golden Fleece
 * Men's rights groups -- Howard's new shock troops?


 * Susan Faludi's new book: Breaking free from the ornamental prison?
 * Left and live
 * Kelly Joe Phelps: Skilled audacity
 * A Political Prescription
 * Lenin's argument with ultra-leftism
 * Ecologically sound sounds for CD surfers
 * Goings on in the mall


 * Networker: Do technologies converge?
 * Editorial: A win for reaction in republic referendum
 * Loose cannons
 * ... and ain't i a woman?: Abortion: as early as possible, as late as
 * Looking out: `... www.booondocks.com'
 * Life of Riley: Fiddling on the margins
 * On the box
 * Write on: Letters to the editor
 * Chris Kelly cartoon


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