Bubbleboy worm: BEWARE

Warwick Fry wfry10 at SPAMscu.edu.au
Thu Nov 11 15:04:44 MST 1999

        There was an interesting radio program about this virus here in Australia
recently. I get the impression that it is not so much a sophisticated and
dangerous virus, as a demonstration of one of the many weaknesses and flaws
in the baroque microsoft code. A good signal that we empower ourselves as
much as possible by avoiding use of all the microsoft add-ons as possible.
I never liked Outlook Express because it embodied all those elements of
push marketing and forced dependency that is so characteristic of the
Microsoft product, and disabled it. I either use my netscape mailler or
Eudora, for the simple reason that they don't try to take over half of my
computer applications.

        While I am not sympathetic to the hacker anarchists who develop the more
dangerous viruses, in the case of the Microsoft specific viruses I think
they are indirectly doing us a favor. And it is the case that a high
percentage of viruses target weakenesses in the later versions of Windows
and its applications. 90% if viruses can be avoided by using older versions
of software.

        I can post a paper I have written on some of the ideological implications
of the more recent technological developments, including some of the
implications of the 'Linux revolution', if it is of any interest to readers
of this list. It has been accepted as an article to be published in Arena
magazine next month, so I will ask that it be embargoed until then.

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