'revolution' #11

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at SPAMstudent.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Nov 10 14:01:28 MST 1999

Lou writes:
>You should see the heat I'm taking on apst for publishing in a magazine
>that's friendly to LM. To hell with that. Phil Ferguson is okay in my book
>and I encourage people to check out his magazine. What he needs is a
>website, however. This is the 20th century. 21st nearly.

Lucky you have the hide of an elephant!  I'm sure you're more than able to
take the heat.

What's happening on apst these days?  I looked in on it yesterday for the
first time this year I think and it was the same old same old, although I
can't recall any damning attacks on you.

I assume the people on apst who are giving you grief have never actually
seen seen 'revolution'.  Most people who see it - including people with
quite different politics - are impressed.

As for LM, we actually don't have any formal relations with LM at all,
although we have certainly reprinted stuff from LM and the LM books editor
is a keen contributor of articles to Revo.  But in the current issue, we
also reprinted a piece from Against the Current, with whom we have an
exchange sub (something that they asked for).  Interestingly, we don't have
an exchange sub with LM, nor do any of us have individual subs.

As for a web-site, we do actually have one.  One of our editorial members
started one for the mag several years ago, but just didn't have the time to
update it.  So we actually had over a thousand hits on it, but no Revo
material, just articles from the old e-zine which preceded 'revolution'.
Now, one of our subscribers has started a new one for us, but he works a
full-time job and so can only build it up slowly.  At present it is only in
its initial stages.  It is at:

The old site, untouched since November 1997, and with only stuff from the
old e-zine, might still be up at:

At this stage of our development, a web site is not really a priority.
More important is getting more people in New Zealand involved in the
magazine and building it up here.  At present, most of the non-editorial
people who write for the magazine are people living in Australia, the US,
England, Scotland and the Netherlands!

We also have a theoretical journal, called 'Critiqu(al) Studies' (subtitled
'NZ's journal of Marxist studies, theory and praxis').  The new issue,
which should be at the printer in a week or two, has a major paper on
'Japan and the New World Order'; several research papers on the NZ Labour
Party; and a critique of the British SWP by a former long-time member, as
well as reviews.

Philip Ferguson

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