Hotmail - Ooops

Owen Jones owen.jones at
Tue Nov 9 14:39:17 MST 1999

Comrade -
Firstly, if you download the latest version of Outlook Express, you can
apparently download Hotmail email through the program. Alternatively, check
out a few ISPs:

This last one I just signed up to as if you pay a one-off £6 fee, you get
totally free access to the internet, i.e. you dial a free phone number.



> Easy to tell I am a complete beginner - after being told about marxiosm
> discussion group, I got sucked in by Microsoft and Hotmail!  Discovered that
> you have to hang around and spend money on-line as cannot download posts.
> Batch from marxism last night must have run up quite a phone bill, even at
> UK local rates.
> Anyone any suggestions for a free service provider in UK where can download
> posts?
> Will change from Hotmail as soon as I figure out how to!  Will this mean
> resubscribing?
> Al Whitlock

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