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> Precursors:
> Important to mention, as Perry Anderson does (left off your critic's list),
> that the great Pound influenced poet Charles Olson was the first to use the
> term postmodernism.
> Louis Proyect

According to Steven Best and Douglas Kellner, English artist John
Watkins Chapman referred to 'postmodern painting' around 1870 to
identify work ostensibly more modern and avant-garde than French
impressionism.  They also indicate that term 'postmodern' appeared
in 1917 book by Rudolf Pannwitz to describe nihilism and collapse
of European cultural values.  Other pre-1960s users of 'postmodern'
as break with modern include British historican Arnold Toynbee (who
adopted it following appearance in D. C. Somervell's summary of
Toynbee's _A Study of History_), cultural historian Bernard
Rosenberg in his introduction to _Mass Culture_, economist Peter
Drucker in _The Landmarks of Tomorrow_, and C. Wright Mills in
_The Sociological Imagination_.

See 'Archeology of the Postmodern' (pp. 5-16) in Best and Kellner's
_Postmodern Theory: Critical Interrogations_, Guilford, 1991.

Michael Hoover

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