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I can hear the accusations already, but to my view, this is very good news,
not in the least to the peoples of Iraq and Yugoslavia.


>Iraq and Yugoslavia vow to resist Western siege
>BAGHDAD: Nov 8 (South News) - Iraq and Yugoslavia, both under sanctions,
>pledged to work together
>to resist the United States and its hegemony.
>``Iraq and Yugoslavia have to work together...against the aggression which
>is still continuing,'' Monday's
>Baghdad press quoted Yugoslav Foreign Trade Minister Borislav Vukovic as
>saying during a meeting with
>President Saddam Hussein.
>Iraq and Yugoslavia started trade talks to cement economic cooperation
>between the two countries, and
>to strike trade contracts under the United Nations oil-for-food deal.
>Vukovic was the only official received by President Saddam Hussein among
>several visitors from other
>countries attending the current international Baghdad trade fair. The Iraqi
>News Agency INA quoting
>Vukovic as telling Saddam during the meeting on Sunday that Iraq and
>Yugoslavia should work together in
>order to end international sanctions on their respective countries.
>INA said Vukovic delivered to Saddam a message from Yugoslav leader
>Slobodan Milosevic ``on bilateral
>relations and means to develop them.''
>``We are with you... and both Baghdad and Belgrade are fighting
>imperialism,'' Saddam said in a clear
>reference to the United States and its Western allies.
>Parallels were drawn between the Yugoslav crisis and Iraq's own
>confrontations with the United States.
>``In their aggression against Iraq and Yugoslavia, the aggressors have used
>the same tactics,'' Saddam told
>the Yugoslav visitor.
>In December last year the United States and Britain unleashed a
>four-day-long air campaign against Iraq
>over weapons inspections, similar to NATO bombings of Yugoslavia.
>Baghdad newspapers quoted Iraq's Vice-President Taha Yassin Ramadan as
>saying the bombing of Iraq
>and air strikes against Yugoslavia were intended to impose control of the
>two countries. The papers said
>Ramadan made the remark while receiving Gojkovic.
>On Sunday, INA said Iraq and Yugoslavia started trade talks to cement
>economic cooperation. Both
>countries played major roles in the Non-Aligned Movement and many Yugoslav
>firms were involved in
>industrial and construction projects in Iraq before its 1990 trouble with
>Earlier this year the Belgrade press said Yugoslavia had signed contracts
>with Iraq worth $18 million to
>supply food in exchange for oil. ``The Iraqi market is open wide for
>Yugoslav companies to resume
>business in Iraq,'' the Iraqi press quoted Saleh as saying.
>Iraq strongly condemned the NATO air strike campaign against Yugoslavia
>over its violent repression of
>ethnic Albanians in the province of Kosovo earlier this year.
>INA said there had also been a meeting between Vice President Taha Yassin
>Ramadan and Yugoslav
>deputy Prime Minister Maja Gojkovic, who was in Baghdad for a women's
>``Iraq's support for Yugoslavia is a principled attitude based on Iraq's
>rejection of interference in the
>internal affairs of countries,'' INA quoted Ramadan as saying. ``Yugoslavia
>will continue defending its
>sovereignty and destiny despite all sacrifices,'' INA quoted Gojkovic as
>The 16th Iraqi Women Conference, focusing on "women and children reeling
>under the 9-year-old UN
>economic embargo" opened Monday in Baghdad with more than 200 women
>participants from around the
>According to UNICEF, more than 1 million children have died as a direct
>result of the UN economic
>embargo. Other UN agencies have reported that Iraqi women have the highest
>rate of nervous disorders
>among women worldwide. EnKhedu Anna of Mesopotamia, "history's first known
>woman poet," is the
>symbol of the conference, depicting the history and culture of Iraqi women.

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