Timor again (sorry Lou)

Nestor Gorojovsky nestor_gorojovsky at SPAMyahoo.com
Sun Nov 14 17:25:09 MST 1999

--- João Paulo Monteiro <jpmonteiro at mail.telepac.pt>


> As I predicted, the culture of the east-timorese
> resistance cannot adapt
> to compliance on a neo-colonialist solution.
> The CNRT line on foreign policy is alignment within
> Asia, with the best
> possible relations with Indonesia, now much
> facilitated by the changes
> in its government (the new indonesian president
> Abdurrahman Wahid is a
> friend of several east-timorese leaders). East-Timor
> will apply for
> membership in ASEAN.

I only hope you are right. AS everyone on the list
knows, my fears are great. But if the East Timorese
can actually develop an independent, Third World
policy, and have the Australian imperialist troops
out, then we shall perhaps see interesting
developments not only in East Asia but in Australia.

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