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Darian Linehan tp8038 at
Sun Nov 14 17:49:37 MST 1999

>Dennis could you explicitly reference where you get this sense of an
>estimate of credit figures from?  Last year on LBO I quoted from memory a
>figure of $60 trillion which I thought I saw in the business press
>representing the derivative market size.  There was some response of
>disbelief then someone totalled up the three year unwinding of derivatives
>to about 50 plus trillion which is considerably larger than GDP for the
>whole world.
>The reason I ask this question is that it seems to me a large sense of what
>is actual money, debt and who does what is very revealing which is why I
>quote your other remark.  So if you have a source to quote I would
>appreciate that.
>Doyle Saylor

I'm not sure if this is terribly useful, but the "World's Financial
Assets" according to The London Economist (23 October, pg149) in 1998
was about $78trn, rising from $39trn in 1990 and a paltry $17trn in

This is a combination of Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds, Equities
and Bank Deposits + Cash.

Make what you want from this statistic.

Darian Linehan

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