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--- Gary MacLennan <g.maclennan at> escribió:
> Hi Carroll
> I will have to look up my Marx or
> religion where he
> describes Protestant as progressive compared with
> Catholicism. there is
> something of that in my support for the republic
> vote.  Besides as an
> Irishman there is no way I would not take the
> opportunity to vote against
> the British monarchy.

That is, Marx could also be wrong. Protestantism is
"progressive" compared with Catholicism in a broad,
abstract, Hegelian, sense. Protestantism is the way
Christian religion adapts to capitalism, that is it is
the re-Judaized Christianism that puts the isolated
individual at the centre of the struggle for
Salvation. In the sense that capitalism is more
"progressive"  than feudalism, though it is horrid and
awesome, Protestantism is more " progressive"  than
Catholicism. But today, when Protestantism has become
one of the mainstays and one of the strongest weapons
of American imperialism everywhere, that Catholicism
around which the oppressed peoples rally (the Irish
included) is more "progressive" than this Shylockian
way to worship Jesus. During the good ole days of
Queen Bess, it may have been reactionary to be
Catholic, and of course in the glorious 1650s it was
absolutely out of any question that the Catholics and
the Poppists were the representatives of reaction. But
now, it is the Protestants who should bear the burden.
And I am sure that Marx would have clearly noticed the
change in mood. I do not know of a single Protestant
Camilo Torres, or a Camilo Cienfuegos. And I have
never seen an angry and rebellious God such as the one
I saw (on TV) inside a Philipino Catholic chapel which
was led by Third World Catholic priests.

Nestor, who of course is an atheist.
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