Cockburn vs Hitchens - Significantly different

Borba100 at Borba100 at
Sun Nov 14 02:42:06 MST 1999

It is true that Cockburn and Hitchens are not Caldwell, but they are
SOMETHING: that is while neither of them have much to do with Marxist theory
(a reflection of the times, obviously) they DO occupy very different
relations to Imperialism.  Cockburn's COUNTERPUNCH was the best of the US
antiwar websites during the bombing of Yugoslavia; it influenced a lot of
people who otherwise would have fallen for the humanitarian horse manure.
Hitchens is the most vicious of the Serbophobes; his recent article in Vanity
Fair is truly beyond belief, refering to the "demented plan" for a Greater
Serbia (the former simply racism and the latter simply fabrication) and so
on.  Hate pours from his writing; saying he NO LONGER is a Marxist is like
saying Mussolini was NO LONGER a Marxist in 1928. Actually, Mussolini is too
nice a comaprison for Hitchens.  Mussolini wasn't OPENLY as racist.


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