Gusmao suggests asking UN to leave.

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Sun Nov 14 17:47:54 MST 1999

I have been staunchly opposed to any intervention in East Timor, my fear has
been the bourgeoisifying of the East Timorese, the strengthening of the
Imperialists. The intervention has now happened, to my and others' shagrin.
Nonetheless, in this possible scenario, what are people's prediction of any


Gusmao angry at UN aid teams
Date: 12/11/99


East Timorese leader Xanana Gusmao yesterday pleaded with United Nations
humanitarian groups to change their approach on the ravaged territory, or

Accompanied by his political deputy, Mr Leandro Issac, he said he rejected
the way humanitarian aid was being delivered in East Timor.

He said he had heard many stories about UN-associated humanitarian groups
''kicking out our people in Dili - that's not the way to treat our people''.

''If they don't want to co-ordinate with us, because we know very well what
our people need, they can leave.''

He was appalled the UN wanted $US199 million ($305 million) from its donors
to deliver humanitarian aid and said his people could solve the country's
problems with $US50 million.

''I'm appealing to the international community. I don't agree with the
character of the help. The aid doesn't reach our people. Please, we fought
alone. We are the owners of this country. Please don't come as good

Mr Gusmao said he had suggested to UN Secretary-General Mr Kofi Annan that a
9,000-strong peacekeeping force should replace the current Interfet force.
It should be used only to secure the borders and the enclave of

.Resistance leader Mr Jose Ramos-Horta, who lives in Australia, yesterday
announced in Portugal that he would end 24 years of exile and return to Dili
on December 1.


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