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Sun Nov 14 10:24:05 MST 1999

>I am somewhat intrigued by Cronin's view that capital now focuses on the
>"Third' (more like two-thirds) World as a source of super profits, when in
>fact it seeks completely to abandon whole sectors of that rather idly
>defined sector of humanity.
>Al Whitlock.

Cronin is largely correct on this question, although I do think that he is
largely influenced by mistaken Popular Frontist ideas. To take one example,
98% of table grapes come from Chile, where they are picked by non-unionized
workers who make a pittance and where exposure to unregulated pesticides
has created a birth deformity epidemic. The last time I heard this argument
about the Third World being "abandoned" by world capitalism was from Jim
Heartfield, the LM books editor. It was usually coupled with arguments
about the need for even greater environmental deregulation. By the way, Al.
I wouldn't put "Marxists" in quotes when talking about Jeremy Cronin. The
SACP is a Marxist organization, for sure. It makes opportunist errors but
the Trotskyist ideological traditions of Cyril Smith's produce sectarian
errors as well. This mailing list is very largely about utilizing the best
of both traditions while transcending them. From the SACP, we can learn
powerful lessons about how to reach the working class. From the
Trotskyists, we can learn about the need to draw the class line. But either
tradition, tied by umbilical cord to the former Soviet Union, is
inappropriate to the tasks we face today.

Louis Proyect
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