Cockburn and Women

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> >Here is Katha Pollitt's response to Cockburn's
> letter.
> >
> >Carrol
> For people on this list who do not have the
> "privilege" to be in the same
> country as Pollitt, Cockburn, and Henwood, let me
> try to explain what the
> feuding is about.


> They occupy a large space in leftist discourse,
> because the socialist left
> has gone through such a shattering experience. If
> this left does revive--as
> surely it will--it will generate its own
> intellectuals and writers who will
> have much more to say.

This one is for our friend Jim Blaut:

"The littleness of the things the Spirit gets
satisfied with only measures the extent to which it
has been pushed back"

Hegel, on the _Phenomenology of mind_.

Just put him head down, but do not throw him to the


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