Laos removes 70,000 unexploded bombs in 3 years

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Friday, November 12, 1999
Laos removes 70,000 unexploded bombs in three years
BANGKOK: Laos, with assistance from foreign governments, has in the past
three years removed 70,000 unexploded bombs dropped in one province by the
U.S. Air Force during the Indochina war, Laos national radio said today,
reports PTI.
An ambitious bomb removal project, with funding from the Canadian government
and several other western countries including the United States, was
initiated in northeastern Xiangkhoang province about three years ago.
In an effort to destroy the communist insurgency in northeastern Laos during
the indochina war that ended in 1975 the U.S. Military littered the area
with thousands of small bombs that only explode when stepped on or picked up
by farmers and children.
The so-called ''bombies'', now hidden in the soil, continue to cause
injuries to lao peasants in the province almost 25 years after the war
ended. Laos opted for a communist regime in December 1975.
Since January of this year, bomb explosions in Xiangkhoang have injured at
least 50 people, of whom six died. ''Bomb injuries continue to be reported
in Xiangkhoang as farmers open up virgin land in the area and remain
ignorant about the danger of unexploded bombs,'' said Laos national radio in
a broadcast monitored in Bangkok.

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