talk on teachers

jnstewart at jnstewart at
Fri Nov 12 21:28:12 MST 1999

    As I was looking over your aritcle on the university I wondered if you
wre familiar with a book by Clark, an Englishman if I recall correctly, who
argued that the economy of the university was one of prestige in which the
enterprise (The University) gave prestige to the students in exchange for
their attendence and study; the student gave prestiget to the university by
going on to do other resarch and publicaiton.  I'd have to go back to the
bibliography of my dissertation to get your the correct coitation, but I
always thought his analysis was very much to the point.
    In such an analysis I suppose (but Clark does not suggest) that the
college administrator performs a kind of confiscation of surplus value from
the faculty, certainly from the graduate students.

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