New Metropoles

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Wed Nov 10 23:27:40 MST 1999

Hello Carrol, Greetings Comrades,
    Your point is correct about the irrelevence of the use value of some
product in this economy.

Doyle, your arguments are askew to Jose's arguments. It is irrelevant
to his point, re the buoyancy of the economy at this time, whether that
economy is producing good things or bad things. The point is that the
things it is producing are selling.

Brian's point was similar to yours.  But I find pointing at the aesthetic
part of my thinking goes against my artists sensibility.  I use those things
and I have been irrelevent a lot in my life.  Sometimes that is all that is
to hand to argue with.

But I have to admit my argument about CD's and digitization productivity
doesn't really hold any water about productivity gains in the current
business cycle so there is something there for me to learn about how to
approach my understanding of how things work.   Thanks for raising this in a
different direction.  I found that easier to swallow than Brian's point.
But Brian was equally right to make his point.

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