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Tue Nov 9 12:50:26 MST 1999

At 07:43 PM 11/9/99 GMT, you wrote:
>Sorry folks - my contact put in slashes the wrong way round!  Sould read:

It was right the first time:

Carrol had problems reaching it through Netscape, but found it using
Excite. By the way, Carrol. I don't understand why you are using a search
engine on a URL. Search engines (Netscape, Excite, Hotbot, etc.) are only
used when you don't know the exact URL for a given keyword, such as
"Iranian workers". If the URL is supplied, then all you have to do is
double-click it in your email. The other approach is to enter it in the
"location" field at the top of the Netscape or Microsoft Explorer browser.

Louis Proyect

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