Nostalgies of the 30s (was Re: Cockburn and Women)

jnstewart at jnstewart at
Sun Nov 14 22:30:32 MST 1999

>        I would prefer the concert at Carnegie Hall at which Robert Johnson
> would have appeared

Ah, Michael, you are a man of taste indeed.

It is ironic, however, that the so called big band era was brought to a
close in part by quite unpleasant circumstances such as war time rationing,
and in part by unionization of musicians, a movement that generally we would
applaud.  This ending was not nearly as abrupt as it is sometimes portrayed
since you certainly had people like Elgart going on into the sixties,
bringing sophistication in arrangement and senibility to pop material that
was so heavily influenced by the folk revival and rock and roll that there
was little melodic materialto work with.  Some of the later attempts to be
hip by the older bands are rather sad for this very reason.  I believe it
was stan Kenton who described Lennon and McCartney's tune, Yesterday as
children's music.   Just compare it with the older tune of the same title.

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