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[After a brief precis of what do the 80s and 90s mean
in Africa, I am trying to collect materials to post on
the meaning of the 80s and 90s in Argentina; keep in
mind that our 80s begin in 1976, we somehow missed the
70s because the 60s lasted from 1966 to 1975]

> UNION can not only be seen through 1970s-80s
> pro-apartheid
> foreign economic policies, but is today reflected in
> the recent EU-
> SA trade deal which will demonstrably make life
> worse as Pretoria
> intensifies its regional economic hegemony and SA
> simultaneously
> deindustrialises. I read this not as a reflection
> that economic crisis
> has been prevented in the North and West, but rather
> that global
> overaccumulation (and all that it implies) has been
> carefully moved
> around (geographically and temporally) -- and,
> particularly,
> devalorisation has been displaced to the South and
> East. Our
> problems have been part and parcel of your
> solutions.

This is an excellent phrase. The destruction of the
Soviet Union has helped the First World to succesfully
pass their own crises on to us in a way that during
the 30s could not be done. Thus, it may be safely said
that ON THE GLOBAL SCENARIO, the 30s were "better" -if
this means anything at all- than our times. In my own
country, the late 30s (say, the 1935-1943 period) saw
the beginning of industrialization and the appearance
of the new working class that would irrupt in our own
politics as the backbone of Peronism in 1945.

During the 80s and 90s we saw imperialism and their
local allies destroy Argentinian industry with the
clear consciousness that this was the only way to
uproot working class militancy and to prevent the
transition to socialism in their class consciousness.
Thus, we traversed the 30s to be born as an industrial
(though Third World industrial) country, and traversed
the 80s and 90s to become a non-country, a financial
semicolony of the great international misers.

That DOES make a difference.

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