Bubbleboy worm: BEWARE

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Sun Nov 14 16:35:08 MST 1999

--- Paul Flewers <paul.flewers at virgin.net> escribió:


> This begs the question why are Microsoft programmes
> so vulnerable?
> Paul F

Would it be too venturesome to advance the idea that
because they are simply the refurbished cheapskate
bullshit that the millions of low- and mid-income
customers must be enforced to swallow? Isn't this the
destiny of middle classes under imperialist rule? And
isn't Gates the Edison of our days? Well, an idea.

Ain't there something called "the tendency of the rate
of profit to fall" at work out there in the
wilderness? The more massive a piece of software is
designed to be, the less reliable it must be. Compare
a home dishwasher with an industrial machine.

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