Cockburn on confederacy

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun Nov 14 13:23:45 MST 1999

"Jose G. Perez" wrote:

> >>hadly the disaster for Communists that Carrol remembers. I wonder if what
> he's recalling isn't really the impact of the end of the anti-Vietnam war
> rather than Watergate.

Probably Jose is correct. But I wasn't involved in electoral politics
at all, so whatever I'm remembering is not connected specifically
to the "two party swamp" Jose refers to. Incidentally, an anarchist
outfit in (I believe) Oregon coined a nice bumper-sticker slogan
for the '76 election: "Don't vote in '76; it only encourages them."

In connection with the two-party swamp, has anyone ever done
any study as to the prior political involvement of people attracted
to direct political action? Do they tend to come from those who
have taken electoral politics seriously (and voted, etc.)? Or are
they predominantly from that allegedly "apathetic" sector of
the citizenry that stays home election day?


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