The Future of Socialism

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I was struck by Smith's signal lack of sectarianism in his book 'Marx at the
Millenium.  In fact he hammered it unmercifully, and that is at least
implied in his short article.  I adopted his parenthesising 'Marxism',
because I am sure that he is correct in saying that the vast majority of
avowed Marxists have kind of lost the thread - me included!  Times have
changed and old slogans and principles may well have outlived their former
usefulness.  The main thing is that the SU is a 'Norwegian Blue Parrot' and
so too is Stalinism - the wall is down [that between Marxism and its object,
the working class].  I would go so far as to speculate that some old slogans
and principles may well be in the process of negation, ie becoming a
hindrance to progress, if not downright reactionary.  All of them need to be
questioned continually, and its nice to see one or two people on this list
beginning to do that.

Al W

>I wouldn't put "Marxists" in quotes when talking about Jeremy Cronin. The
>SACP is a Marxist organization, for sure. It makes opportunist errors but
>the Trotskyist ideological traditions of Cyril Smith's produce sectarian
>errors as well. Louis Proyect
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