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>The last thursday I was in the premiere of a documental film on Che Guevara.
>Its name is "Che Guevara, a man from this world". The director is a friend
>of mine, Marcelo Schapses, a young man who shares our political point of
>view and his film is fantastic, I mean, you see the values of socialism, the
>difference between our damned capitalistic society and a society where the
>brotherhood, the patriotism and equality are the values that determine the
>social conscience.
>The film has the testimonies of old guerrilleros who knew "el Che", and of
>Che's bodyguard, peasants who learned to write and read after the revolution
>and who love El Che untill to give their lives for him.
>It is a very emotional film, because it is the cuban people who speak about
>"el Che". And it is absolutely emotive to see and to hear  this old men who
>speak about a dead man and "the tears come to their faces". And to ours.
>I don't know if this film is going to be seen in USA, Australia, New Zealand
>or England. Perhaps no. It is a pity.
>One of the testionies that Marcelo shows in his film is one of a retired
>colonel of FAR who speak about the political error of the leadership in
>Cuba, in relation with the participation of "el Che" in Congo and in
>I think that it is the first time that this discussion sees the public
>A wonderful film and a homage to socialism in a country that has missed the
>I cried during some scenes. It is very strong the feeling that it is
>possible another  social order.
>Julio F.B.

Than you for this Julio.  I hope we get a chance to see it.  The belief
that there is an alternative to the existing state of affairs is our
strongest weapon.  That is why the enemy marches under the banner of TINA -
There Is No Alternative.



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