Proyect on Cockburn, Pollit and Hitchens

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Sat Nov 13 12:56:25 MST 1999

Proyject makes a good point about celebrity journalists as does Davidson. After
having been a journalist for many years, I, too, became sucked into being a
"media personality". While it did not detract from the main task (mainly in
opposition to the apartheid regime in South Africa), one had to guard against
self-dramatisation and apostasy...

Journalists, in general, are wont to become more important than their subjects.
Nowhere is this more prevalent than among political writers (which I was for
almost 10 years) and art/film/music critics who tend to believe they are
infinitely more informed, or talented than the artists whose work they're

So, while Cockburn and others might well be fresh voices and good journalists,
they do tend to get sucked into being "personalities" - it's inevitable.


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