Cockburn and Women

Patrick Bond pbond at
Sat Nov 13 06:46:13 MST 1999

On 12 Nov 99, at 17:29, Dennis R Redmond wrote:
> Getting nostalgic for the Thirties is insane. 25% unemployment, global
> Fascism and world wars are nightmares noone should have to live through;
> the fact that these things are no longer acceptable in places like the
> European Union should be taken as a sign of progress.

Just a reminder, Dennis, since I broadly agree with all that you
post: southern Africa today has 50%+unemployment (even in
South Africa it's approaching 40%) and living standards dropped by
several decades after the early 1980s; things get much worse if
you go north into central Africa; fascism is alive and well in at least
one bit of regional countryside (Angola) where thousands are dying
in a brutal war as we speak, and in another (Mozambique) a fascist
rebel army supported by apartheid and US rightwingers killed a
million people during the 1980s; and THE FACT THAT THESE
UNION can not only be seen through 1970s-80s pro-apartheid
foreign economic policies, but is today reflected in the recent EU-
SA trade deal which will demonstrably make life worse as Pretoria
intensifies its regional economic hegemony and SA simultaneously
deindustrialises. I read this not as a reflection that economic crisis
has been prevented in the North and West, but rather that global
overaccumulation (and all that it implies) has been carefully moved
around (geographically and temporally) -- and, particularly,
devalorisation has been displaced to the South and East. Our
problems have been part and parcel of your solutions.

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