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Thu Nov 11 16:35:34 MST 1999

>       I can post a paper I have written on some of the ideological implications
>of the more recent technological developments, including some of the
>implications of the 'Linux revolution', if it is of any interest to readers
>of this list. It has been accepted as an article to be published in Arena
>magazine next month, so I will ask that it be embargoed until then.
>Warwick Fry (wfry10 at

Please do. And while you are at it, maybe you can come up with an
explanation why Linux crackerjack programmers seem incapable of writing
simple documentation how to run their blessedly free and anti-Microsoft
applications. I am on the verge of getting our archives problems
straightened out and you can't imagine how confusing and frustrating it's
been. I have been working with Les Schaffer on this project, an
engineer/Unix programmer and astrophysicist. We are beginning (well, at
least I am) to feel like we've been through the programming equivalent of
the battle of Stalingrad.

Louis Proyect
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