The Future of Socialism

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Nov 11 15:56:45 MST 1999

Al Whitlock wrote:

> I take it as agreed here that the world has indeed profoundly changed. Those
> who try to convince themselves that it hasn't are

Preliminary: I have never thought of socialism than other as an opportunity
for struggle *partly* sheltered from capitalist power. So I'm not tied to
any blueprint and never have been. But something rather more important
than the future of socialism or pictures thereof is at issue here -- the
nature of capitalism.

Al's statement that the world has changed was old a century ago. A
crucial point about capitalism -- perhaps *the* crucial point -- is that
it is always changing, always "revolutionizing" itself -- and always
remains unchanged. The failure to grasp this -- beginning almost prior
to the emergence of capitalism in the conviction of some early
political economists (e.g., Sismondi) that capitalism was impossible --
has always been one of the chief signs of surrender to capitalist


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