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Jim Monaghan wrote:

> The executive editor of the IMES journal MEGA-studien is Jurgen Rojahn at
> jro at
> I would guess that he would know the distributer in the USA.
> The journal is available on the net. Cannot remember where I saw it.
> The other articles in Critique 30-31(editor Hillel Ticktin
> gkfa02 at were
> Kevin Anderson "Uncovering Marx's yet unpublished works
> Rolf Hecker  "The MEGA Project: an edition between a scientific claim and
> the dogmas of Marxism-Leninism
> Jurgen Rojahn  " publishing Marx and Engels after 1989: The fate of the
> The IMES deserves to be supported in its efforts to raise funding and get
> sets of scholars to continue the work
> Jim Monaghan

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