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Fri Nov 12 07:34:12 MST 1999

The Indian Express
 Thursday, November 11, 1999
Bosses protest repatriation of Myanmar workers
MAE SOT: Some 500 employers have rallied in this Thai border town to protest
against the repatriation of their workers to Myanmar, reports PTI.
Thailand, whose relations with its neighbour have been strained since a
siege of Yangon's embassy in Bangkok in early october, restarted a programme
to repatriate more than 6,00,000 illegal workers to Myanmar last week.
The workers are employed mainly in low-paid jobs in the farming and fishery
industries on the long common border. About 70,000 have jobs in this town
opposite eastern Myanmar's Karen state.
Employers' representative Paniti Tangpanit, chairman of the mae Sot Chamber
of Commerce, said businesses in the town faced ruin without them. ''As you
are all aware, ninety per cent of the factories here rely on Myanmar
workers,'' he told the gathering yesterday.
''Without them we would face bankruptcy and non-performing loans at the
banks will rise further.'' Chaiwut Pakawat, a member of parliament for the
ruling Democrat Party, persuaded the protesters to disperse when he said the
authorities would consider allowing 30,000 agricultural workers to stay.
However, he said those in the textile, garment, canning and furniture
industries would have to go back. Immigration officials and the interior
minister said the repatriation drive would continue regardless of the


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