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> Dear comrades and friends,
> We have just finished putting almost all the materials from past issues
> of Revolutionary Democracy on the web. The address is:
> http://revolutionarydemocracy.org
> It is rare enough to find a Marxist-Leninist journal that is consistent
> in principles, and still rarer to find one in the English language.
> Revolutionary Democracy has taken up many issues of importance to MLs
> today, such as criticism of the theory of "market socialism," as well as
> polemics on the stage of the Indian revolution. It also has invaluable
> historical material, particularly on the rise to power of revisionism in
> the Soviet Union. It is for this reason that I would highly recommend
> visiting the site, and also ordering a subscription to the print
> edition, which at $8 US a year is inexpensive for those in the
> industrialized countries, but significant for the comrades in India.
> (Subscription info available on the web-site.)
> If comrades who are on other lists could forward this message to their
> respective lists it would be greatly appeciated. Also, those of you who
> have your own web-sites, or work with organizations that do, if you find
> the material useful, a link to the Revolutionary Democracy site would
> also be appreciated.
> Fraternally,
> George
> P.S. Although there is an address for comments and criticisms on the
> site, if there are any technical criticisms (slowness in loading
> material, spelling and gramatical errors, etc.) please send comments to
> me at my e-mail address above.

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