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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Nov 11 20:38:57 MST 1999

Hi Jose,

I have just had a new computer and mouse installed and I cannot control the
bloody mouse and it wiped out your post but from memory let me try and
answer.  As always you go unerringly to the careless formulation.  I should
have said that Australia was a white colonial settler nation. at the heart
of this nation there is the white settler Anglo culture.  the monarchy is
still an important symbol to these people.
Now you asked what did I mean by modernization in class terms.  again a
tricky question.  Let me try and answer it in this way.  Without
modernization there would be no working class. Capitalist modernisation is
the process of creating the workers. Now I have read enough Proyect to know
that modernisation is a two edged sword.  I do not have an LM adoration of
all things modern.  But I resolve that problem by arguing that we have
capitalist modernisation and we desperately need a non-capitalist
modernisation or we will all perish.
So for me your question reads as what have the workers to gain from
capitalist modernisation.  Well the short answer is not much unless they
take control of it and turn it into socialist modernisation.

Still even within the context of the distinction between capitalist and
socialist modernisation the existence of feudal relics such as the British
monarchy is not a small thing. The ending of the peer privileges in England
for instance should be supported would you not agree?  Similarly cutting
ties with the Windsors would also be a good thing.  It seems to me here,
Jose,  that you have almost an anarchist position where you refuse to make
distinctions between centres of authority and label everything as
exploitation and domination.

Now as to the workers ignorance.  You talk about class instincts
here.  However the specifics were that Howard could not become President.
the model specifically calls for someone to be appointed by 2/3 of
parliament. Howard would not get that and he was not seeking the
presidency.  the workers apparently thought he was.  they simply do not
have a high enough level of political education.  Jose you will have to
take my word on this.  The Australian worker is politically ignorant. Not a
nice thing to say but revolutionaries should not be in the business of
being nice.

To conclude I suspect that what is at the heart of the disagreement between
ourselves is the old reform-revolution duality.  I think reforms are
important, even constitutional ones which get rid of monarchs.

yours comradely


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