Bubbleboy worm: BEWARE

Paul Flewers paul.flewers at SPAMvirgin.net
Fri Nov 12 19:44:51 MST 1999

Jose G Perez wrote: < A second interesting thing to note: Isn't it
curious that this new worm has not been spotted "in the wild?" The ONLY
place it is known to exist is in the labs of people who make money
selling software to protect you against these dangers. Of course,
there's nothing like a great new type of worm or virus to generate a few
million dollars worth of free publicity for these companies, and to make
many people feel like they have no choice but to either buy software or
subscribe to the updates, thus generating millions of dollars in
additional revenues for these outfits. >

A bit conspiratorial, perhaps. A friend of mine whose computers at work
became infected by a virus that set up bogus macro activities on
Microsoft Word programmes got on to Dr Solomons to get a virus cleanser.
The person at Dr Solomons said that Microsoft's programmes were too
vulnerable to virus attacks, and that they had complained to Microsoft
to this effect, saying that their programmes should be made more
resistable to viruses.

This begs the question why are Microsoft programmes so vulnerable?

Paul F

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