Bubbleboy worm: BEWARE

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    You forgot to mention that for this and so many other viruses, worms and
so forth, we have to thank the moron system and application marketing
wizards and software architects in Redmond, who in their INFINITE wisdom and
their unending quest to extend and re-enforce their windows monopoly have
allowed any piece of spit that comes into your computer to act like God, so
Microsoft could brag about some impossible-to-use integration feature, or
break some other company's code, or pirate their ideas.

    And in the process, they leave everyone's machines ever-more-vulnerable
to attack.

    A second interesting thing to note: Isn't it curious that this new worm
has not been spotted "in the wild?" The ONLY place it is known to exist is
in the labs of people who make money selling software to protect you against
these dangers.

    Of course, there's nothing like a great new type of worm or virus to
generate a few million dollars worth of free publicity for these companies,
and to make many people feel like they have no choice but to either buy
software or subscribe to the updates, thus generating millions of dollars in
additional revenues for these outfits.


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Subject: Bubbleboy worm: BEWARE

>VBS/Bubbleboy Help Center (http://www.mcafee.com/viruses/bubbleboy/)
>VBS/Bubbleboy is a new Internet worm, discovered 11/08/99. AVERT has
>assigned it a LOW risk assessment; it has not appeared in the wild.
>VBS/Bubbleboy is a NEW type of worm: Unlike previous worms transmitted
>through email, this new type of worm does not come as an executable
>attachment. Instead, VBS/Bubbleboy infects PCs as soon as the transmitting
>email message is opened. This is a VERY significant innovation! In the
>past, it was not possible to contract a virus or worm merely by opening and
>reading an email message. This is no longer true, and VBS/Bubbleboy marks
>the beginning of a more dangerous computing environment.
>VBS/Bubbleboy is transmitted through an email message with the subject
>heading "Bubbleboy is back!" It will ONLY infect PCs running Windows 98
>with Internet Explorer 5 and Outlook or Outlook Express. PCs using Outlook
>are infected upon opening the email message, while Outlook Express users
>may be infected by viewing the message with Outlook Express's "Preview
>Pane" feature! When the email is opened, the worm creates a file called
>UPDATE.HTA. The next time the PC is booted up, the worm sends itself
>embedded in an email to EVERY address in EVERY MS Outlook address book on
>the local system. It does this only once.
>Louis Proyect
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