Timor again (sorry Lou)

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Thu Nov 11 22:50:48 MST 1999


I will copy this to the list if you don't mind because I think there have
been interesting developments in East Timor.  On page 16 of the Brisbane
Courier Mail there was a report of Former Labor Party Prime Minister Paul
Keating's attack on the USA for taking advantage of the Asian economic
crisis to end Suharto's reign.  Keating is notorious as a supporter of the
former dictator-butcher. So Keating and we agree on what has happened in
East Timor but we think it is good that Suharto has gone and he mourns the
departure of the man he used to call 'uncle'. Words fail me.  It is of
course well known that Keating has extensive business contacts in
Indonesia. What price one's soul though?

Now the other interesting item concerned a warning from Gusmao to 'UN
humanitarian groups that 'they must change their ways or leave as tensions
between international and local organisations escalated.(BCM 12.11.99 p 16)

It seems Gusmao was speaking after Australian troops conducted three raids
on the home of his deputy Leandro Issaac.

There is no information as to why the raid took place. One could hardly
expect any from Australian journalists. It is interesting though that such
an important item was on page 16.  There have also been reports of
Australian media pulling out of East Timor. Here we go again.

There will be further developments of course, but it has not taken long for
the true character of the Australians troops to emerge.

Let me say the DSP and Jose and Warwick and others on this list.


Re my address: Gary MacLennan; Garden's Point Campus, QUT, Brisbane 4001,
Queensland, Australia.

re the rugby: I was interested to read what you said about Hart the All
Blacks coach.  I had no idea he was such a pro-capitalist turd.  Well his
career ended ignominy.
  I could not support Australia even to be on a winning side and I suspect
you could not either.  Aussie triumphalism is too horrible for words.

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