GLW: Boris Kagarlisky on Chechnya

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Nov 18 19:22:19 MST 1999

>Lou, I often get amazed by your patience. The time you spent putting up with
>Wool was one of them. But this was a mite hasty, in my view. I'm not the
>slightest bit sympathetic to Al's political stance in any of the
>forementioned arenas. Slow down bouncing people because, as you admit, your
>week ain't going too good. That's a bad precedent.

The straw that broke the camel's back was crossposting a message of mine
from apst without my permission. This was the sort of thing that was done
routinely back in the bad old days when the Spoons Collective
postmodernists ran the Marxism list. With the exception of Chris Burford,
only 3 leftists have been removed from this list. All 3 are connected to a
tiny post-Trotskyist group that views the smashing of "Stalinism" as the
number one task of the left, regardless of whether the USSR exists as a
socialist country or not. Just ask yourself what possibilities there are
for fruitful interaction with people on a list like this. This list has
very wide ideological parameters, from Ayn Rand supporters to Henry Liu,
unreconstructed Maoist and financier. Nobody ever questions the right of
people to say what they believe.

What I will not permit is the kind of gang warfare that typifies
self-declared vanguards. Spartacist Leaguers, Morenoites, Maoist
Internationalist Movement, LCRMI, etc, etc., etc. I don't want them here.
The Movement for Socialism gang operates a little bit differently. At first
they seem kind of reasonable, talking about how great Mezsaros is or asking
innocent questions about what's going on in Chechnya. But once that initial
pretense is out of the way, its the same old same old.

These self-declared vanguards make intellectual and political
cross-fertilization impossible. You present some arguments and it is like
talking to a brick wall. No matter what you say, it makes no difference. No
amount of research on the KLA, the Chechen guerrillas, whatever, will
change their mind. The only way they change their mind is when their
central committee--actually their national chairman--changes his mind. This
is not Marxism. It is cult politics and the death of genuine Marxism.

Louis Proyect
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