GLW: Boris Kagarlisky on Chechnya

Al Whitlock al_whitlock at
Wed Nov 17 16:14:51 MST 1999

Proyect fails to address the important question implicit in the post to
which he responds, "Is the present Russian regime a more dangerous enemy of
the international working class than the Chechen leaders themselves?"  I
would have thought that was something more worth discussing than a wordy
'conspiracy theory article' on a marxist discussion list.

More to the point, what is his view as regards the war in Chechnya?  Who is
to have his critical support?

Proyect's attachment has all the hallmarks of the pro-Milosovich,
anti-Albanian front so active in Europe.  A common thread is that in both
Balkans and Caucasus the relics of a former 'socialist' state now dominated
by Orthodox Christianity and floating atop the worst form of right-wing
nationalism, in the manner of grease on a stewpot, are pitted against Muslim
minorities.  So bin Laden is financing the Chechen forces - what a surprise!
  Was Proyect for or against Clinton's bombing of Afghanistan and the Sudan?
  Is he for or against Yeltsin's onslaught on Chechnya?

Al W

> >This task will not be made easier by the fact that there is only
> >one progressive thing about today's Chechen leaders: the fact
> >that for contradictory and (quite probably) fleeting reasons,
> >they are heading a struggle that has an undoubted liberating
> >dynamic and that is directed against people who are much more
> >dangerous enemies of the international working class than the
> >Chechen leaders themselves.
>Liberating dynamic? If so, there must be elements in the Chechen resistance
>that I have not been made aware of. My impression--and I might be wrong--is
>that they are virtually indistinguishable politically from the Taliban.
>Louis Proyect

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