GLW: Boris Kagarlisky on Chechnya

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Wed Nov 17 16:29:54 MST 1999

Al Whitlock wrote:

> More to the point, what is his view as regards the war in Chechnya?  Who is
> to have his critical support?
> Proyect's attachment has all the hallmarks of the pro-Milosovich,
> anti-Albanian front so active in Europe.

"Critical Support" is a meaningless phrase in a context in which nothing
we do, critical or non-critical, supporting or opposing, will make any
difference to anyone.

And since the actual choices in Yugoslavia are Milosevic or the
Albanians, other choices being mere spinning of daydreams, I
can think of worse things for Lou or anyone else to be attached to.
Such a position at least contributes to drawing useful lines within
the left in our own countries, separating serious marxists from those
who hunger for a coalition with power.


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