LBO-Talk charges

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun Nov 21 15:52:54 MST 1999

Dennis R Redmond wrote:

> Don't we need
> to start getting beyond this tendency of lambasting anyone who disagrees
> with us, on even the slightest level, as the Spawn of the Great
> Capitalist Satan?

(1) Lou's charges against Rakesh do come under the heading of
naming him Spawn of the Great Capitalist Satan, so your over-
statement here obfuscates an argument which it will be difficult
to maintain clarity in even with the optimum good will.

(2) You know that Lou tolerates a goodly number of positions which
conflict with his sharply. Witness recent quite sharp conflicts between
him and me.

(3) If a political journal exhibits a clumsy hiring process for an important
position, then it needs to get its act together. And ending up with a short
list that includes someone who (a) lacks the minimal technical qualifications
(e.g., experience -- see Michael Yates's post) and (b) opposes in some
fundamental ways the journal's politics -- that is at the least clumsy. It
should be of concern to those who regard the journal as of great

(4) Attacking the BRC as Rakesh did comes pretty close to the line
of the not merely wrong but simply unacceptable. The good
liberal Nathan Newman over on lbo has indicated his willingness
to posit an objective racism (independent of subjective prejudice),
writing as follows: "This is one reason why more objective definitions
of racism - as in do you support policies that actively hurt a class of
people - is more attractive than just subjective markers of prejudice."
By that criterion, Rakesh's response to the BRC makes him,
objecively, a racist. MR would be betraying its obligations to the
socialist movement if it hired such an opponent of the right of the
BRC to exist. Any socialist who, knowing Rakesh's position on
the BRC and knowing of MR's considerting him for a position,
did not intervene would also be betraying his/her obligation as
a socialist. Hence your, " First of all, the decision is not yours
to make" is pure nonsense. He didn't make the decision. Like
Michael Yates he passed on important information.,


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