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El  3 Nov 99 a las 11:31, Macdonald Stainsby nos dice(n):

> >Pinochet judge indicts 98 in Argentine 'dirty war'
> >cases

I have been loud and clear on Garzon's indictment of
Pinochet while the Spanish do nothing to indict the authors
of the crimes WITHIN Spain due to the Civil War, etc. I
have also pointed out that the only and true service a
Spanish judge can do to the victims of the murders is to
judge and condemn the Spanish enterprises that, thanks to
the killings, have taken over Argentina and its public
services, deploying a sad scenario of graft, ignorance,
imperialist arrogance and inability. So that I cannot but
say now that Garzon would do very well to stop this
masquerade. I am not at all happy that a judge from a
country that sips into my coffee cup daily, a country that
will grow richer while it impoverishes mine through, for
example, the transmission of this very message, such a
judge from such a country (that is, a guy who enjoys with
the results of the Proceso) indicts the officers of my
country. Though I am not warm on abstract indigenism, much
on the lines Julio has posted weeks ago, I would ask Garzon
to please begin his indictments with Francisco Pizarro,
search his own soul, and only after that search explain me
on whose's name, if it is not in the name of the
imperialist enforcement of a world oligarchic law, he
supposes he has a right to judge those military whose work
has allowed his own countrymen to plunder, empoverish and
destroy Argentina.

These "far away revolutionaries" make me vomit.


Louis Proyect
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