Guns, Politics, and American Culture - Part 2

Michael Yates mikey+ at
Sat Nov 20 22:37:51 MST 1999

Ken Lawrence's words are both moving and well-taken. Actions proper in
one context might not be proper in another.  Once when addressing a
group of glass workers, I was told not to mention gun control.  so I did
not.  After the meeting a union stalwart was selling guns out of his
truck! Best I could tell he was not a bigot or a militiaman.  On the
other hand, I have also heard that gun shows are disgusting displays of

I might add that Ken's life of struggle and solidarity with the working
class is pretty darned admirable!

Michael Yates

Apsken at wrote:
> By Ken Lawrence
> (continued from Part 1)
>     Contrary to the allegations of Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St.Clair, and
> perhaps others who are frustrated with the current low level of


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